Welcome to the world of Jean-Christophe MARESCHAL, who invented the concept of thematic design.
His artistic expression is based on imagination, poetry and an obsession for detail.
In this website we have pleasure in presenting the AKTEO watch collection, inspired by your life, passions and dreams. There are nearly 300 timeless models to choose from, all made in Besançon, France, by our company WATCH IN EMOTION.

We regularly create new themes to add to the selection.
This creative approach is unique in the world of watchmaking and is driven by humour, poetry and, no doubt… a hint of magic. We wish you all a pleasant voyage of discovery on the site.

BESAnçON, capital of Akteo

The presence in Franche-Comté of an industrial fabric specialising in processing metals and materials as well as expertise in surface treatment has brought the most prestigious luxury goods manufacturers in search of the skills and technical and creative resources they need to produce the objects in their collections. Besançon is rich in the expertise sought by the largest luxury goods manufacturers. Watchmaking, eyewear, tableware, leather goods, perfumes, writing instruments, jewellery, high fashion, accessories, decoration, furnishings…luxury goods are produced in Franche-Comté by more than two hundred firms.